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Criminal Lawyers in Karachi

If you have been deprived of your rights fraudulently, if your land has been grabbed or your property and valuables taken away illegally or forcefully or if you have defrauded, we at Al-Meezan Law Associates can help you. We have helped many clients and have helped them regain their property and have helped them the courtroom proceedings. We fight for your right.

The criminal lawyers in Karachi at Al-Meezan Law Associates are experienced criminal law professionals who fight for your right till justice is served.

 Court Marriage Lawyers in Karachi, Pakistan

Court marriage lawyers at Al-Meezan protect your right to get married. While remaining within the norms of Islam and Shariya, Al-Meezan Law Associates lawyers help the adult males and females to exercise their right under the Pakistan Marriage Law. We organize court marriages, take care of the court proceedings. The support staff of court marriage lawyers at Al-Meezan Law Associates helps its clients through the tedious court marriages paperwork, to save their time and go through the court marriage in Karachi process easily.

 Family Lawyers / Divorce Lawyers in Karachi

Family legal issue, inheritance matters, family disputes, family property transfers, child custody issues, divorce or khula matters are handled at Al-Meezan Law Associates by experienced, professional family / divorce lawyers in Karachi. Though divorce is the forbidden act and Allah has not liked the act of divorce. Still if you feel that you have for your personal reasons decided pronounce divorce or take khula, the divorce lawyers at Al-Meezan Law Associates help you through with the divorce  proceedings or settlements.

 Intellectual Property Lawyers in Karachi

Al-Meezan Law Associates specializes in Intellectual Property Services. We help in registration of patient, copy write, Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Copyright, Internet Domain Name, Licensing

Franchising. We help you to protect your right. The professional intellectual property lawyers at Al – Meezan Associates take care of your right and fight for your right if your intellectual property is infringed. We help in getting justice served through courtroom proceedings or though the settlement process and help you regain your right to your intellectual property.


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Court Marriage Lawyers in Karachi

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Criminal Lawyers in Karachi

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Al-meezan Law Associates is a law firm of dedicated legal professionals in Karachi Pakistan who have joined hands with the aim of providing free legal help to the needy. To those who cannot afford to hire an attorney nor can afford court fee. We are here to serve the humanity and bring justice to the people who rightly deserve rightful compensation for the wrong done to them.

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